Luxury Retail

Global Digital Marketing Collaboration

Our collaboration with the Global Digital Marketing team supports activities across different countries. Our role helps enhance their global presence and drive sales.


  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Digital Marketing Operating Support
  • E-commerce Analysis and Optimization

and Needs

Brands needed strong support in adapting their communication assets for each country while maintaining brand consistency and integrity. This approach ensured that brands resonated with local markets, fostering stronger connections and promoting meaningful engagement with target audiences around the world.

Approach and Solutions

We conducted a comprehensive analysis of user experience and benchmark analyses to identify industry standards upon which to align and refine the communication strategies of the luxury retail brands. We discerned key areas for improvement and optimization.

In setting the stage for a robust internationalization strategy for the luxury retail brands, we have relied on the following key pillars:
  • Collection of information on local reality, including specificities of the area
  • Adaptation of texts to the local language, as regards all brand-related communication tools, including the website
  • Adaptation of design, making it consistent with user habits and preferences
  • Adaptation of DEM (texts and design) for each country
  • At the same time, maintain the original brand identity

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