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Ospitalità Italiana International Website and CRM Customization

Ospitalità Italiana is an initiative by the Chamber of Commerce system that, since 1997, ensures quality standards for certified accommodation and dining businesses. Today, Ospitalità Italiana is evolving into a true HUB, providing tourism businesses with a targeted path to enhance their performance in terms of positioning and market presence.


  • Web portal with 3 integrations
  • Vtiger CRM implementation and integration

and Needs

For this Case Study, the main challenge was to create a website that could effectively reflect the evolution of Ospitalità Italiana. Originating from the Chamber System as a certification process for tourism businesses, Ospitalità Italiana now aims to establish itself as the primary platform for connecting supply and demand within Italian tourist destinations. The website was envisioned as a virtual hub accessible to anyone seeking to explore Italy with greater awareness, providing a wealth of information to inspire personalized travel experiences. Executing this project necessitated a strategic approach to effectively highlight each region’s tourist destinations, attractions, events, and outstanding businesses.

Approach and Solutions

4 Made In has tackled the challenges of Ospitalità Italiana by creating a website that seamlessly integrates diverse data sources, providing users with comprehensive insights into select tourist destinations and tailored content based on their travel preferences. The revamped platform boasts a contemporary and user-friendly design that adheres to Agit’s accessibility standards and guidelines.

Key features of the solution include:
  • Data Integration: Exploiting the internal databases of the chamber system, the website aggregates information about certified tourist companies, providing users with comprehensive insights on the Italian tourism landscape.
  • The website integrates sentiment analysis and tourist behavior, allowing users to make informed decisions based on the latest information.
  • User Centered Design: The website’s user interface prioritizes easy navigation and accessibility, allowing users to effortlessly explore destinations, accommodations, and experiences tailored to their preferences.

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